Thunderbird Roller Rink in Plano Reaches 50 Years

Many customers who come into Thunderbird Roller Rink feel very nostalgic as not a lot of changes in terms of appearance have been made over the years according to a Community Impact article. They say,


“When customers walk through the doors of Thunderbird Roller Rink, established in 1972, many whirl into a wave of nostalgia. 


“We get a lot of people who come in saying they used to skate here when they were little. Now, they’re bringing their kids [or] grandkids,” Manager and Operator Anthony “A.J.” Monjure said. “The [customers] say it looks the same.” 


Monjure said those customers take their loved ones on a trip down memory lane pointing out highlights from their youth. They walk by the party room and say, “I had my ninth birthday here,” or, “I used to go in the money machine,” he said. And when they say the carpet looks the same as from 20 years ago, Monjure says, “It is.””


The owners laid out a few house rules and information regarding a basic party which are posted on their website. It says, 


  • Parties only have the room for 30 minutes.
  • Parties will check in 10 minutes before party start time(mainly for private parties)
  • Glow parties have the room for 45 minutes.
  • Skate Trainer rental is $3.00 per and is not included in the cost of the party.
  • Inline skate rental is an additional $3.00 each and is not included in the cost of the party.
  • No ice cream, ice cream cakes, glitter, or silly string allowed.
  • Can not bring the glow products that have the plastic connectors. Must be the ones without those.
  • Party rooms are pre-decorated. Nothing can be hung from walls, doors, or ceilings.


The rink’s management says the reason Thunderbird has been in business for 50 years is because of the family environment and that people love to skate. More information on the rink can be found on their website.


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