Utah Dancer Danielle Bush Gets a Surprise

Plano High School Graduate Danielle Bush goes viral as she fails to keep up with a surprise dance number for her according to Local Profile article from January 21 which reports, 


Since graduating from Plano Senior High School almost 10 years ago, Danielle Bush has been on her feet. She studied dance at Brigham Young University-Idaho and has traveled across the country doing what she loved. At the height of the pandemic, Bush was living in L.A. training for auditions to be an NBA dancer, before beginning her rookie season as one of the Utah Jazz Dancers last August.


Despite her impressive resume, nothing could’ve prepared Bush for a fateful winter evening. On December 20, during a performance with the dancers, the music scratched in the middle of the routine before transitioning into Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” Everybody seemingly knew this new routine except for Bush, who, despite feeling very anxious, did her best to follow suit with her team.


“First of all, I don’t know what the heck my teammates are doing,” Danielle Bush tells Local Profile. “And second of all, I’m thinking I’m going to lose my job because I was like, ‘I don’t remember this choreography. I was at every single practice. When did this happen?’ But then I was like, ‘Wait, I’m a professional dancer, maybe I can pick up this choreography.’”


Moments later, Bush would freak out even more, but this time in a state of elation. In the matter of seconds, her boyfriend of three years, Brandon Heiser, would become her fiance.” 


Despite the flawless execution of the surprise proposal, everything needed to be in place especially since the entire act would be aired on national television according to a KSL TV article from December 21 which states, 

Heiser knew he needed to go big with the proposal and enlisted the team’s director, Ashley Kelson, to help out. 

“He reached out about a month ago,” Kelson said. “I am so proud of the team. They kept it a secret for so long!”

Kelson said she had to send Bush to a community event during the one practice where team members put together the choreography for the surprise proposal.

To date, the lucky dancer still receives congratulatory messages and wishes after the proposal went viral in every social media platform like Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube. 

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