What To Do After A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction isn’t as common as the media will have you believe. Usually, the pulled tooth is an impacted molar. When it does happen though, it should be treated seriously. It’s almost like a mini surgery, with the invasiveness, and the anesthesia, and all. After the procedure, there are a few things you should avoid to make sure that your teeth and gums heal right.


Tooth extraction is invasive and the wound created by a pulled tooth needs time to heal, and with any wound, you have to keep the affected area clean or you risk infection and may need to take antibiotics to counter the effects. Practice regular dental hygiene with a little more care as to not disturb the affected area and risk re-opening the wound.


Smoking is a bad habit in general, but it can be especially dangerous following a tooth extraction. It has the potential to significantly impair the healing process. Not only can smoking contribute to this, but other tobacco-related activities, such as chewing tobacco, can prolong the healing process and cause dry sockets. Stay away from tobacco until you have fully recovered. Try and kick the habit for good actually, it’s in your best interest.


Some people have a habit of spitting in public. While considered rude in some circles, this habit is actually bad for your oral health too, especially after a tooth extraction. The motion your mouth makes can disturb the wound where the tooth was pulled and may re-open it. Other mouth motions like sipping through a straw and smoking do the same, so it’s best to avoid those as much a possible.

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