When Are You “Too Old” For Braces?

         When you think of someone wearing braces, you probably picture a little kid giving a toothy grin or a teenager awkwardly trying not to draw attention to their braces, but contrary to that perception, The American Association of Orthodontists says that 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is over 18 years old. Not just that, people close to getting their senior card may seek corrective treatment for their teeth and bite. If you’re an adult curious about what your orthodontic options are, read on. 

What’s the age limit for braces?

          Strictly speaking, there isn’t one. That being said a patient in their golden years may experience some unique challenges when it comes to braces and their overall dental care. Even if your teeth can move, your bones get denser and denser the older you get. This means that your treatment may be longer than that of a younger person and may require coordination with other medical specialists like an oral surgeon. 

What are some reasons why adults get braces?

           There are many reasons why an adult may want to undergo treatment. The first is cosmetic in nature. A person’s smile is one of their most defining traits, if you’re shy about the way your teeth appear, you may want to seek corrective treatment for it. The optics aren’t the only reason to get braces. Aesthetics aside, correcting your bite and the alignment of your teeth is important for your oral health. 

          Misaligned jaws and teeth can cause more health problems later down the line and maybe symptomatic of worse health issues. You should consider orthodontic treatment if you notice that you have some difficulty breathing, speaking, or chewing food. You may also consider touch-up treatment. Maybe you had braces or retainers in the past, and you have since completed treatment, but you notice some changes in your teeth and jaw. Catching said changes early and doing touch-up treatment would be incredibly beneficial. 

How long does treatment take?

          Like we said a while ago, treatment for adults is a little longer than that for children and teens. The average orthodontic treatment period is roughly 22 months long. If you’re concerned about the appearance of noticeable metal braces, there are a few more discreet treatment options, like ceramic braces and Invisalign that your orthodontic may discuss with you.

          To ask about your treatment options and get started on the journey to the best smile you can get, book an appointment with us here at Bobby Jivnani Dental Clinic. 

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